Flavoured Schnapps and Liqueurs
92 Multi Flavouring Recipes

eBook cover image of a typical Danish schnapps decanter, one orange, a lemon cut in half, a mint sprig, and a glass of homemade citrus liqueur.

This recipe e-book is the third e-book in my Schnapps and Liqueurs series.

It contains a great collection of 92 recipes using neutral schnapps or vodka and natural flavourings such as fruits, berries, herbs, nuts and spices.

All the recipes are Danish, and many of them are very old, handed down and enjoyed from generation to generation.

In each recipe, I use…

... neutral schnapps or vodka as alcohol base – 40% (80 proof).

... more than 1 flavouring ingredient.

In the Table of Content, I have listed the recipes in order of how many different flavourings are used.

The recipes are very easy to follow, and you can get most of the ingredients in supermarkets or health stores.

Important... If you are new to schnapps and liqueur making, I suggest you read the chapter Useful Info and Guidelines, before you start.

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