Make Your Own Flavoured Schnapps and Liqueurs
Beginner's Guide and Reference Book

e-book cover image of a typical Danish schnapps decanter, a thyme sprig, and two glasses of homemade thyme schnapps.

Flavoured schnapps and liqueurs taste good. They are quite easy to make and require no special equipment.


... as drinks before or after a good meal.

... together with cheese, cakes and cookies, ice creams, desserts and various dishes.

... added to foods and drinks, hot chocolates, teas and coffees.

Here in Denmark, where I live, it's old tradition to make your own flavoured schnapps and liqueurs based on various spirits and a variety of natural ingredients like fruits, berries, flowers, herbs, spices and other botanicals.

Besides being a tradition, it's also a very popular hobby because it's fun and fascinating to follow the flavouring process and experiment with different spirits, flavourings, sweeteners, blends, etc. The variations are endless.

But... Although making flavoured schnapps and liqueurs is not an exact science with precise measures and methods, and although it's much about experimenting and what best suits your taste, there are some basic rules to follow.

So... If you are new to all this - or less experienced - this beginner's guide and reference book is for you.

Because it contains all the information, advice, tips, ideas and inspiration, you may need to get the best out of this fascinating and enjoyable hobby.

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