The Round Tower From 1642
Handy Guide to Must-See Attraction in Copenhagen

eBook about The Round Tower in Copenhagen, Denmark

In words and pictures, this handy guide takes you on a fascinating tour from the bottom of the Round Tower to the viewing platform on the top, where you have a great view over the old part of Copenhagen - even to Sweden on clear days.

As you climb the long spiral ramp with the many window niches you will visit the beautiful Library Hall, the old original Privy and the big Bell Loft, where in old days housewives in Copenhagen used to hang their laundry to dry.

You will also have a look into the deep hollow core of the tower - a fascinating sight, but also a little scary.

And on the viewing platform, you will see the small astronomical observatory, which is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. 

The guide also tells you the story about the Russian Tsar, Peter the Great, who rode up the Tower on horseback in 1716, and about the little choir boy who fell 25 metres down the hollow core and was rescued the following day.

In between, you find interesting information about the history of the Round Tower, which fortunately survived both the Copenhagen Fire of 1728 and the British Bombardment of Copenhagen in 1807.

Traveller or not - this guide is well worth a read.

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